seindah memori

seindah memori

Sunday, September 18, 2011

my love,,,

hm,, today i would like to speaking in english,,, why?? usually i just speak in malay so today i want to speaking in english,, T_T

my love??? who's that???

my love,,,
my mom,, only me can know what her feel when she sad,, yes! because i know her,,
she had sacrifice for me,,i love my mother,,

my love,,
my dad,, i love my father too,,
he also sacrifice for me esepecially since i continue my study at university,,

and now i want to returned favour for him,,

now, i am 23 years old,, getting married??? me??? oh! no, i don't think so,, not yet.. i'm still young,,(^___^) to my parents first, i want to do somthing to make their happy in their life,,

i've always love my mom and my dad,,
and i've always know my mom and my dad love me but will never know how much,,

my mom and my dad they are my love actually,,
for them,, thank you very much!!!


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